Sovon Avimap

Welcome to Avimap

AVIMAP is an online application to store your (bird)monitoring projects and data. The site is mainly developed to store territory mapping projects like the Dutch BMP, but many other projects (point, line and area counts) use this system.
For territory mapping projects Sovon developed together with Cellingo and tool that analyses the survey data. Given a set of sightings through the season, this system returns the number of territories and their probable location
There also is an Avimap Android app available to submit you data direct in the field..

online features:

  • Create fieldmaps
  • submit sightings per visit
  • Automatic clustering analyses
  • results maps by year as pdf
  • export data (KML, SHP, WFS)

Android app features:

  • submit sightings via map
  • shortcut buttons for species / breedingcode
  • Use “own” maps
  • store and show tracks

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Image 1: The avimap dataentry (full screen)

Image 2: The avimap dataentry (map + specieslist)

Image 3: Dataentry via the Avimap Android app